What we do

Our homemade foods are always prepared with natural ingredients compared to commercially prepared food. Plainly, the food has its taste however those are ready using unprocessed foods that are by no means healthy. For example; the fast foods comprises great deal of sugar, fat & sodium. In our foods, we add healthful & natural ingredients. Therefore, here we have the control in our palms on both the caliber & amount of components for use in the food.

‘Herbish’ Homemade foods are the best health well foods. We always control the cleanness, healthiness, freshness of the foods.

Most of the people don’t care about preparing & eating at home because of their busy life style. We understood this situation & launched ‘Herbish’ homemade foods.


Pure sri lankan products

Sri Lankan food offers a vivid array of flavor combinations

Unique Recipes

Sri Lankan recipes and Sri Lankan food. Sri Lanka, the beautiful spice island once known as Ceylon, is a rich melting pot of cuisines.


Homemade foods are comfort food at its best

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